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Jay Stansfield


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Jay Stansfield – Patron page

Marie Stansfield


When Adam died I was often asked, ‘how are you doing?’. I put the brave face on and say yes I’m OK but underneath it all I was still trying to come to terms with losing Adam. Our boys and our family kept me going and working on Adam’s Foundation gives me something positive to look forward to. The love and support we have all received along the way from our friends within football and outside has helped us get to this point. Much of our work in Adam’s charity is about helping young girls and boys get involved and play football but awareness is equally as important. Adam was a young fit professional sportsman so clearly this disease is not just for the old or unfit, up to 90 per cent of bowel cancers can be successfully treated if caught early enough so if you are worried at all please visit your doctor.

“If we can help save one family from experiencing what we have been through since Adam’s death then at least some positives can come out of our loss.”

Andy Cole


I have been Chairman of Adams Foundation since it was formed shortly after Adam died and I am extremely proud and privileged to be working with his family and friends. The work we do is rewarding and at times challenging but if by being involved I can help make more people aware of bowel cancer and the benefit of early diagnosis and treatment or bring a smile to a young person’s face then that is all the reward you will ever need.

Adrian Shand

Vice Chairman

It will be a long time, if ever, before anyone succeeds Adam Stansfield as my favourite individual to pull on a City shirt, not just because of the player he was on the pitch but also because of the man he was off it. Most supporters will tell you that all they want to see from anyone in their team is a bit of effort and to look as though they really care for the cause. I’m a fan and I’m no different – well no-one could ever accuse Adam of not giving his all, and aside from his goals it was his sheer work rate that made him such a popular figure with the fans. I was lucky enough to know Adam personally, and I can only agree with everyone who says what a genuine, down to earth, thoroughly nice guy Adam was. It is obvious to anyone who spent even a small amount of time with him, how important his family were to him. The other thing that made a big impression on me was just how unassuming he was and how he almost couldn’t believe his luck that he could earn a living playing football. I always felt privileged to be Adam’s company, and I now feel equally as privileged to be involved, along with his family and friends, in the great work that the Foundation is doing in his name.

Gig Stansfield


As Adam’s Mum I was obviously always very proud of him and what he achieved.  I am now very proud to be able to help others in Adam’s memory through The Foundation.  Adam’s passing was a devastating blow, and there is a huge hole in our family that he used to fill but The Foundation has been something positive for us to focus on.  We are all so grateful for the love and support we have been shown and I can’t wait to see how The Foundation is going to change lives in the future.

Roger Stansfield


I was amazed at the amount of people that turned out on the day of Adam’s funeral to show their love and support on what was a very wet day.  I remember thinking at the time ‘All this for a young lad from Tiverton who kicked a ball for a living’ and the pride I felt in knowing that Adam had touched so many peoples lives I am hugely proud to be involved in the work that The Foundation is doing and I am very hopeful that The Foundation will leave a legacy in Adam’s name that will touch many more lives in the future.

Shaun Parkin

Events Coordinator

I promised Adam in his final weeks that I would make an honest woman of his sister. Unable to do this I married her instead! Within the Foundation I am responsible for managing events and advising and supporting fundraisers in the personal challenges they take on in Adam’s name to raise money. I find it really humbling and rewarding working with these people and watching them succeed in some really tough events. Personal challenges are a great way of raising money, achieving personal goals and learning something about  yourselves. I have rowed, cycled, swam, played football and completed a ‘Tough Mudder’ event, so can personally advise you on events, training and how to best to raise money.

Andrea Parkin

Merchandise Coordinator

I was devastated by the death of my little brother and the void it has left in my family’s life. The creation of the foundation and the work we do in Adam’s memory has helped in some way towards the healing process. I feel really proud when I represent the Foundation and my family at events and see the difference that we can make to the lives of young people.

My role within the Foundation is to source and procure all merchandise and equipment for the grant requests and online shop. Like my husband, I too take an active role in fundraising and have completed a sky dive, two half marathons and a ‘Tough Mudder’ event. I know Adam will be looking down and having a giggle at the crazy things we do to ourselves.

Keith Stone


Why did I join the Foundation? Because I admired Adam and his attitude towards the game of football. He was everything a professional footballer should be. He loved the game and the fans. He did everything he could to instill this, into the youth football community. I just wanted to do something, no matter how small to carry on the passion and love of the game he instilled. Not being a footballer, I am concentrating my efforts and skills in helping the Foundation help those that Adam would of reached out to, if he was still with us today.

Paul Stansfield

Fundraising Coordinator

Wayne Stansfield


Wayne had the initial idea to set up The Foundation shortly after Adam’s death. “I was then and still am blown away by the people who want to do so much in Adam’s memory. I am so proud to have had him as a brother and hope that through The Foundation others will get to live their dream as he lived his.  I am also extremely proud that one of the main aims of The Foundation is to raise awareness of bowel cancer.  My hope is that we along with all the other organisations who do such great work can reach out to people who maybe would not know about the disease, it’s signs and symptoms and ultimately help to save lives. “

Sarah Woodes


I was lucky enough to be friends with Adam and Marie and their extended families. Adams passing hit me hard, how could Bowel cancer take such a young, fit and healthy young man. I felt it was important to keep spreading the word about Bowel cancer and what a better way than doing this through the football community. I was more than happy to become a trustee when asked, as I wanted to be part of Adams legacy. It is nice to see the money which has been raised by many kind and generous people being distributed to worthy causes. There are so many young children who have a love for football, that for many different reasons cannot afford to partake in playing due to the cost of equipment etc and due to the economic climate. The foundation provides funding to help make football accessible to all and I know Adam would love this is being achieved through the foundation.

Gary Woodes


I have know the Stansfield family for several years and when I was asked to become a trustee of The Foundation I had no hesitation in becoming a part of it. With the sad passing of Adam in August 2010 we needed to bring the awareness of bowel cancer to spot the early signs so people can receive help to therefore give them a better life and a future to look forward to as an early diagnosis is crucial. The other reason is to help give opportunities to children and certain sections of the community to develop and be part of the whole football community. With these opportunities they would be socialising and learning skills to help them in the future.

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