Jay Stansfield – Patron

An Unbelievable Honour

” I find it difficult to express how proud and honoured I am to be the Patron of my Dad’s Foundation. I was very young when Dad was playing his best football but I do remember it well and I am very lucky to be able to watch videos of him playing and scoring goals. His work ethic and never say die attitude will live with me forever. I hope it is something I will always strive for myself as I find my way in my own professional career in football. I have a great family surrounding me and they help me to represent myself with the humility and caring nature that my Dad was so loved for. I am very much my own man and will no doubt tread my own path. My only hope is that my Dad would have been proud of everything I achieve inside and just as importantly outside of football. I do hope that as part of my footballing journey, I can continue to spread news of the amazing work The Foundation does, and will at all times represent The Foundation and all it stands for, to the best of my ability. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the continued support we as a family have received and continue to receive since the day my dad passed away. It is never taken for granted and will always mean more than you know.

Thank you for everything.

Jay Stansfield”

Jay’s interview with Jeff Stelling on signing for Exeter City. (Credit: Sky Sports)

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