Shaun Parkin

Promoting awareness of Bowel Cancer in the quest to save the lives of people in the UK and beyond.
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I promised Adam in his final weeks that I would make an honest woman of his sister. Unable to do this I married her instead! Within the Foundation I am responsible for managing events and advising and supporting fundraisers in the personal challenges they take on in Adam’s name to raise money. I find it really humbling and rewarding working with these people and watching them succeed in some really tough events. Personal challenges are a great way of raising money, achieving personal goals and learning something about  yourselves. I have rowed, cycled, swam, played football and completed a ‘Tough Mudder’ event, so can personally advise you on events, training and how to best to raise money. Shaun Parkin


Living the Dream. Raising money. Changing Lives.

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