Mark Halsey

Promoting awareness of Bowel Cancer in the quest to save the lives of people in the UK and beyond.
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I was approached by Andy Cole, chairman of the Foundation through my very good friend Tony Ellis, who sadly we lost earlier this year. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes as I was more than aware of what had happened to Adam. Having fought my own battle with cancer successfully I felt very lucky, but when I heard the sad news that Adam had lost his fight it made me think. This young man, so cruelly taken from his family, friends and from that huge family that is football I couldn’t help but feel why him? I travelled to Exeter for the funeral wanting to pay my respects to Adam and offer what support I could to Marie and Adams family. I was overwhelmed by the depth of feeling towards Adam and by the numbers who lined the streets. Helping to raise money for the Foundation supporting the young players of the future is close to my heart but we also have a serious side to our work, raising the profile and awareness of cancer. If one life is saved by an early visit to a doctor as a result of our work then we are going some way in achieving our aims. I am very proud to be Patron of the Foundation and I am sure Adam will be looking down with a smile on his face watching what we are doing… Mark Halsey


Living the Dream. Raising money. Changing Lives.

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