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It will be a long time, if ever, before anyone succeeds Adam Stansfield as my favourite individual to pull on a City shirt, not just because of the player he was on the pitch but also because of the man he was off it.

Most supporters will tell you that all they want to see from anyone in their team is a bit of effort and to look as though they really care for the cause. I’m a fan and I’m no different – well no-one could ever accuse Adam of not giving his all, and aside from his goals it was his sheer work rate that made him such a popular figure with the fans.

I was lucky enough to know Adam personally, and I can only agree with everyone who says what a genuine, down to earth, thoroughly nice guy Adam was. It is obvious to anyone who spent even a small amount of time with him, how important his family were to him. The other thing that made a big impression on me was just how unassuming he was and how he almost couldn’t believe his luck that he could earn a living playing football.

I always felt privileged to be Adam’s company, and I now feel equally as privileged to be involved, along with his family and friends, in the great work that the Foundation is doing in his name. Adrian Shand


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